Pulled Pork Bento

I gotta give full credit to the kernel (no pun intended see corn side dish) of this box to Julie over at SporaticCook. She posted a great looking pulled pork from the "Pioneer Woman". Very good looking recipe, even better tasting! So thank you Julie for the inspiration.

I've always wanted to try my hand at pulled pork. I tried to cheap out on the time in the oven by following a short cut recipe (with the original ingrediants) that had a higher temp oven but a shorter time. It turns out that the other recipes cooking method was not long enough. I had to put the pork shoulder back in the oven another 2 hours. I bet this would have been ever more tender had I followed the original cooking instruction. From Pioneer Woman (who is she?)

So originally it was going to be a pulled pork sandwich, I decided for dietary reasons to move it to be a pulled pork taco. So I rushed to fill the vegetable slot with something kinda tex-mex/southwestern in theme. I liked the idea of a corn salad and really didn't want to redo my old corn with black bean salad. Fresh cucumber comes in to sub out for the onions and heavy cilantro comes in to make it more of a flavor component rather than a background flavor component. The little tub was for the sour cream. I figured that my eaters can choose to configure their tacos with adding a bit of the corn or just going with sour cream.

The slaw recipe was part of the original idea of a sandwich, it just so happens to still work here, besides apples are good on the dietary fiber. Very tasty sweet and sour flavor, good for some, so so for other.

I made dessert easy by lumping in a bit of fruit. All told a fairly easy labor non-intensive box. And exclaimed by my wife "the best one yet". That will be tough to top :)

Box Contents:
  • Pulled Pork
  • Cilantro Corn Salad
  • Granny Smith Apple Slaw
  • Fruit


Lunch Buckets said…
Pioneer Woman? Not you too!!! It's like some kinda disease :)

That looks like a great lunch - I love apple slaw with pork.
Ironjack said…
I know, I was hesitant myself, and my wife *loved* the pork. There's something to frontier woman. Now I just saw some very bad for you, but unbelievable enchiladas that looked really yummy posted on the site. I might not be able to justify the health hit for a bento, but I might have to try it for myself :)

Must look away... Must resist pioneer lady........ mmm. enchiladas *drool*
Julie said…
Mmmm...pork *drooling*
We had this again just the other day.
I saw those enchilads too and wanna make 'em but they look a little time intensive. So I think I may have to call in sick to work tomorrow, I have my priorities ya know.
Thanks for the mention...I'm honored :)

Lisa...you must submit to PW...it's inevitable.
Julie said…
BTW, I made the enchiladas. They're okay, but a little to time consuming for me.
Ironjack said…
only OK? boo. they looked delicious. What was wrong with them? Not enough "umph" was the taste off or was it a trade off between taste and work and it wasn't worth the work?
Julie said…
Yeah, it was too much work for an OK dish. But, I think if you used that shredded pork in place of the ground beef, that would be a whole different story.
Ironjack said…
Great idea! mmm... can't go wrong with pulled pork.

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