Eating in a sack (or one for lunch please)

I wanted to make lunch but as luck would have it, the majority of my eaters are traveling for work or just plain not around. This of course doesn't mean I can't make lunch for my loving wife. I had her pick out some recipes and I got to work. Simple healthy lunch bagged up instead of boxed just due to the wrap being hard to shove into those bento boxes.

First up we have a wrap with provolone, red bell pepper, marinated artichokes, and spinach. I had to slightly wilt the spinach as the wife's not a big fan of raw spinach. I was going to flavor the wrap with some sort of a sauce but since I went the marinated artichoke route I let them do the flavoring. Wraps have always been difficult for me in packaging. They tend to fall apart easily or become unrolled. I ended up wrapping the whole thing in parchment paper to survive delivery. It's worth remembering that normal tape does not stick to parchment paper. In retrospect that makes a ton of sense since parchment paper is suppose to resist sticking in general. So a bit of kitchen twine came to the rescue.

Quinoa never ceases to amaze me. This is a wonderful little warm salad with shitake, feta, and spinach. The warm quinoa and roasted shitake quickly wilts the spinach. It's all tossed together with a bit of red wine vinegar and olive oil.

Just to round things out I also tossed in a package of low carb cookies so that there would be dessert for the sweet tooth.

Sack contents
  • Marinated artichoke wrap
  • Feta, shiitake, and spinach quinoa salad
  • cookies


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