High Tea with the Queen!

I'm back! Yes, finally! I think there will be some sporatic posts until I get my feet on the ground, but I forced myself to get a lunch box out today. As much as I am tired from working on the bentos yesterday, I'm very happy to have been able to get back into the groove as it were. So first bento back, we have light fare. My wife suggested the tea sandwich route, so I picked 3 different sandwiches, a soup, and a nice healthy side dish as the menu. I tossed in some "sugar free" shortbread cookies instead of the full on bad for you shortbreads and voila we have our bento.

I tried really hard to stay the course on high fiber/low cal. I picked up some of the low-cal bread for the sandwiches, the veggies are basically free on the health scale. I was able to pickup a good "split pea" soup alternative that was fat-free and high in fiber.

So we start with the sandwiches. I picked three tea sandwiches (out of the many out there) that sounded the most appealing. The one pictured to the right is a cucumber mint tea sandwich. The other two were a Carrot with sweet ginger tea sandwich, and a Curry Chicken Salad with pine nuts sandwich. I used my cookie cutters to try to make them fun. Not being the biggest fan of carrots I think it turned out well. The mixture for the sandwich did turn out to be tasty, sweet, a hint of spice from the ginger, all mellowed out with the the binding. The favorite for me was the Curry Chicken salad. I suspect that the mint cucumber will probably be a lot better by the time lunchtime rolls around as the min will have really had a chance to get in with the creamcheese.

Soup, good for the soul as it is said. We have a Pea, leek, and broccoli soup, a good alternative to a more cream/butter/bacon laden split pea soup. A light and refreshing accompaniment to the sandwich.

A key component to any healthy diet is filler....err I mean veggies. We have some carrots and celery to dip and a few kalmata olives to give the otherwise more subtle flavors some salt.

Added a garlic-y hummus dip so the veggies were't so plain. That and I needed to add a little bit more protein since I was so veggie heavy this time around.

Took the easy route for desert. No tea time wouldn't be complete without the actual tea and cookies. Simple low cal sugar free shortbreads, and of course a teabag of traditional earl gray tea.

Fun bento get get started on. Wasn't as efficient on pulling it all off but I think it's because I'm a bit rusty. I hope you enjoy the post.

Box Contents:
  • Tea Sandwich
    • Ginger Carrot
    • Curried Chicken Salad
    • Mint Cucumber
  • Pea, Leek, Broccoli Soup
  • Crudites and Kalamata olives
  • Hummus
  • Shortbread cookies


Kirephene said…
I love tea sandwiches. Thanks for the lunch suggestion. I think I'll use it this week. :-)
Ironjack said…
yay I didn't drive away all my readers from lack of activity :) Thanks for visiting!
aaronnssd said…
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